Federal Estate and Gift Taxes

The Federal Estate Tax in the United States is a tax on the transfer of property of a deceased person. This tax applies to property that is transferred via a will, trust, or intestacy. For US citizens and permanent residents, the value of all world-wide assets is included. For Non-US residents, only certain assets located in the United States are subject to this estate tax. The other part of the system, Federal Gift Taxes, applies to transfers made when a person is still alive.

In 2024, the exemption amount for Federal Estate taxes is $13,610,000.00 for US citizens and permanent residents. For non-US residents the exemption for Federal Estate taxes remains at $60,000. In addition, all non-US residents, US citizens and permanent residents enjoy a $18,000 annual gift tax exclusion and the Federal Annual Gift Tax exclusion for non-citizen spouses is $185,000 (2024).

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